Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Happy Birthday, Zoe

Krazy Kay has a confession to make. She is really an undercover agent for TG Incorporated. There is one more confession. A certain follower of this blog asked for a special birthday present. His name is Harold. Your favorite TG blogger had to come up with the perfect birthday present for Harold to keep her good name in the community. The crazy girl writing this blog looked hi and low until the perfect gift showed its head.

A simple stripper, the iStripper you see around this blog, is really a TG Inc. product with special features. Harold was given a free copy to enjoy and enjoy he did. Little did he realize the pleasure of watching the stripper also started TG radiation pouring from his computer screen. The more Harold watched the more he transformed. Then it was over.

Harold had his moment of pleasure, his release. His arms rested at his side and his head went back. Something wasn’t right. Harold reached down and felt a smooth crotch. Harold smiled. As she looked up the computer screen said: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ZOE. Zoe is a cute girl now enjoying all life has to offer girls. In honor of her transformation she took a job as a stripper at the local gentleman’s club. And you would not believe the number of boyfriends Zoe has . . . every night.

1 comment:

  1. Kay, Thank you so very much for the wonderful birthday gift!!!!! I love the smooth crotch and the silky lingerie I can wear. and the new job is awesome!!! Just make it that when I wake up in the morning I am still Zoe in the flesh!!!!!!