Thursday, October 13, 2016

Role Reversal or a Really Fun Night Out

Carl and Betty Ann wanted to do something different to spice up their marriage so they planned a role reversal night out. They visited the TG Inc. store and bought all the supplies they needed to make each other over into the opposite sex. The planning was more excitement than the actual night out.

Betty Ann turned into the husband for the night with ease; Carl was another story. Betty Ann worked over three hours getting Carl just right. The right makeup and clothes made it impossible to tell Carl was a guy. Carl had to admit he looked good as a woman. The blue mini skirt, polka dot tights and high heel boots were the perfect touch.

The outing was more than either could ask for. It was so much fun playing the role of the other spouse. Carl found he enjoyed turning men’s heads. For the first time Betty Ann felt the jealousy Carl felt when they are out. Then things got real.

They needed to stop for a bathroom break. A few seconds later they both came running out of the restroom. They kept interrupting each other until Carl said, “I’m a girl! Really a girl!” Betty Ann explained she found an extra part when she unzipped. It took a full minute for the couple to realize they bought the wrong clothes and makeup at TG Inc. They were not play acting; they really switched with each other. Later they discovered it was a permanent transformation kit. Carl, or should we say, Betty Ann, took it all in stride as she posed on the street in the sexy blue mini skirt. At least the heels fit perfectly.

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