Friday, October 28, 2016

Field of Dreams

“The rules are simple gentlemen,” the young girl yelled to the group of twenty men. “You are naked. Your goal is the cross the field without getting hit by the girly light. If you make it to the other side a man you collect $100,000; if you are a girl when you reach the other side we have some appropriate clothing for you and a job.”

The naked men all looked around nervously. The field looked small. It was only a quarter of a mile to the other side. But a quarter of a mile was a long distance to run buck naked with girly lights focused on blowing off the family jewels.

Tony was determined to collect the $100,000. Spending the rest of his life as a girl was something he wanted to avoid. When the starting gun sounded, Tony took off like a streak. He kept to the edges where rocks and trees offered some protection from the girly lights. The first volley cost fourteen of the men their manhood. Tony was nervous.

A quick dash from a cover of trees to a rock outcrop left Tony exposed. A girly light glanced his side. He felt his face tighten and breasts swell. Tony looked down breathed a sigh of relief; his manhood was intact. Another few strategic moves and he was nearly to the finish line. It was then another girly light caught him. His hair grew, his butt became rounded, and his beloved manhood was gone. He was no longer a man.

The women laughed at him at the finish line and handed him girly clothes saying, “Here ya go, Rachel.” Rachel found out her new job was earning money for the women. It was a hefty fee she could only pay off on her back. Rachel got used to it.

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