Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Finding a Fortune

Terry dreamed of riches when he went prospecting in the wastelands of Utah. Every so often rumors would surface of a prospector finding a large nugget of gold, a chip of diamond, or other valuable gems. These rumors drove Terry to keep his hobby alive.

It was hopeless. Terry found nothing. The burning dream is all that kept him coming back, along with his addiction to prospecting. The promise of a possible find kept him coming back. Then his luck changed. He pulled a jewel from the dirt. It glowed a dull green.

Not knowing what the gem was, Terry hurried home to research the gem. When he could find nothing on the jewel he decided to take a break and satisfy himself. He held the jewel in his left hand while he fanaticized. Before he could finish his body tingled and shuttered. In a flash his body transformed into a beautiful woman.

Terry had discovered the first Jewel of Odan and was the first man to enjoy the gift of the gem. Terry found Pam in the desert that day. More exact, Terry died while Pam was born with the discovery of the Jewel. As the new rumor spread more prospectors flocked to the wastelands to find a treasure only a man could lust for.

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  1. Good story and pretty girl! Why can you not transform me into one of the beauties you always show? Zoe