Wednesday, October 19, 2016

He Grabbed You Where?

After the audio of Donald Trump talking about grabbing women by the pussy came to light, Republicans everywhere wanted to be like their hero and starting grabbing any pussy they could. Women were not amused. The ladies banded together to formulate a plan and they found their answer at TG Incorporated.

TG Inc. fashioned a specialty chastity belt women could wear that was triggered by a man grabbed her by the pussy. The devices worked wonderfully. Here we see Jake and Mark after a pussy grab. Now Mandy and Sandy, the girls are no longer part of Donald Trump’s demographic, uneducated old white men. As women, Mandy and Sandy are now Hillary supporters and are offended by pussy grabbing men.

The election results are now rigged. All the pussy grabbing Republicans and now girls busy defending their own crotch from disgusting old men looking for a cheap feel. Hillary should win by a landslide since there are so many more women now. So the next time you are thinking of grabbing a strange woman’s pussy, think again. It might turn you into a Democrat.

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  1. Please don't forget Bill Clinton and the blowjob.