Monday, October 3, 2016

Personality Adjustments

There will be some changes to your personality, Ron was told by the TG Incorporated technician. Ron was too excited about his planned transformation to consider any problems, especially something as minor as a personality adjustment.

The transformation into Cheryl went smoothly. He lost twenty years in the transformation and a hundred pounds. Cheryl is young, sexy,vivacious, perky and fun; all things Ron admired in a woman. Ron refused to wear anything but a short skirt when he stepped out of the chamber. The feeling was awesome! He felt like such a girl. He giggled like one, too.

Ron was a quiet guy keeping to himself. Cheryl is outgoing, talkative and snuggling up to everyone she can. Cheryl is a naive girl, however. What do you expect from a girl who did not exist an hour ago? This immediately led to some problems. The boys were all staring at her and she did not notice. Girls learn from a young age to notice men looking at them and to keep their guard up. Cheryl will need time to build this natural female defense. If she does not learn soon she will be one of those girls, if you know what I mean.

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