Monday, June 6, 2016


The Olympic tryouts were getting real for Alex. The government instituted additional incentives for athletes. Alex was given a choice: win or be gender swapped. The incentive worked the wrong way. Alex loved the idea of a free gender swap. He intentionally lost the trials and got a rocking hot body as Alexandra. As a woman she won the trials and won the gold at the Olympics.

You might think it is unfair for the government to implement such strict punishment in a sport. Considering the national pride at stake it was not hard to understand at all. Alexandra actually loved the idea. She got what she wanted for free. The only downside was all the men somehow ended up on the women’s team. It was comical how the men worked harder with each race to lose. In the last men’s race the two remaining men ran the wrong way and finally just threw up their arms. Officials gave them the gender swap they wanted and sent them to the women’s squad. Sports are getting really competitive lately.

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