Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Babysitter

Requested by: Robert Cooper

It started when Robert’s marriage hit a rough spot. He started having an affair with his babysitter, Kristi, when his wife turned off the spigot. In an effort to rekindle the marriage, Robert and his wife started a weekly date night. When the night was over Robert would take Kristi home. That is when it started, the lovemaking, the affair. The affair is now in the eighth month.

Date night created the magic hoped for. Robert was falling in love with his wife again. Kristi was unhappy about the situation. She wanted Robert to get a divorce and marry her. She hatched a plan. After date night when she was getting a ride home she pulled from her purse a swapping wand she bought online from TG Incorporated. When Robert stopped at her home she activated the device and pushed one end into his side while the other end sat in the palm of her hand.

The swap was instantaneous. Robert had no choice but to live Kristi’s life. The only way Robert can see his wife now is if she babysits and Kristi will only allow him to babysit if they continue the affair. What choice did Robert have? He is stuck in a young girl’s body and must have an affair with his old body. Weird! It is so strange to watch his muscular body pulsating against her tight body. Robert accepted his new life and position on the bottom. It is the only way he can see his wife.


  1. I really enjoyed reading that one. Could we see one where Robert, now Kristi, discovers his wife is aware of the swap?

    1. What if his wife was the one who swapped bodies and left Robert as Kristi and vice-versa to punish them both for cheating