Sunday, June 5, 2016

Lessons Switching with Mom

Hunter wanted to be like his mom so bad. She had all the fun. Boys watched her and tried to be with her, especially when she was drinking, which was all the time. It seemed like so much fun.

A witch heard Hunter’s plea. She sparkled into existence in Hunter’s bedroom. The witch cast a spell where Hunter could be his mother, Natasha, for three months. As Natasha, Hunter realized it was not all that much fun as a woman. Men paid attention because they wanted to do scuzzy things to a girl. Hunter drank like Natasha, too. It did not kill the pain; it only made it worse.

Hunter was glad when the spell wore off. He understood his mom’s pain now. He wished she would stop drinking, but she was a helpless alcoholic unwilling to get help. Regardless, Hunter treated women with respect. As the years went by he decided he liked one thing about living as mom for three month, the part about being a woman. He had a transformation so he could live the rest of his life as a woman. He took the name Natasha as a tribute to his mother, now deceased from alcohol poisoning. Natasha never drank and demanded respect from the men she dated. It is good being a woman.

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