Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Dreams Do Come True

Roger took advantage of his time alone when his wife, Tina, left town on business. She was not expected for two weeks. Roger could feel lonely, but instead he found comfort in his dreams. You see, Roger always wanted to be a girl. Surgery scared the dickens out of Roger so all he had was a few free moments dressed as the girl of his dreams.

Shopping on the TG Inc. website is easier than ever. A hundred dollars can buy enough clothing to make any man sing alto. Below is a selection of clothing Roger invested in for his two weeks of pleasure. It felt so good, two weeks as a girl uninterrupted. Tina was no more down the road when the boy’s clothes were gone and the panties were on.

For two weeks Roger lived as Samantha. Half way through Samantha discovered a problem; he was really turning into Samantha! You should always use caution when buying from TG Inc. TG Inc. is dedicated to transforming men into women. The panties were magic panties, the bra sprinkled with TG dust. Roger really was Samantha by the time Tina returned. Samantha had what she thought was a good cover story. Tina only laughed at the woman in her house. It seems Tina knew what Roger was up to so she changed the order at TG Inc. Samantha was dumbfounded until Tina slid her hand up Samantha’s dress.

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