Thursday, June 9, 2016

Learning Respect

The deal was set. Rick’s history of treating female employees of his business rudely and with disrespect was coming home to roost. A class action suit by his female employees resulted in Rick making transformational changes to his behavior. The settlement required Rick to walk to work every day. He was also required to do so as a woman. For the entire day he would work as a woman.

To make it easier for clients, his name was changed to Candy. Soon Candy learned what it was like to be a woman. Most men were nice, but a select few made life miserable. A woman had to be strong. Candy learned to build that strength and became more feminine as she did.

By the end of the settlement period, Rick loved living as Candy so much he decided to continue as a woman. His female employees were supportive when he underwent surgery. He did all the regular stuff to transform into a woman. He also had a uterine and vaginal transplant. Candy was now a real woman. She hated it when men were rude. She is part of a new lawsuit against another very bad man. Girl power!


  1. I have a request. Robert has been having an affair with the baby sitter Krysti for 8 months, and when Robert trys to break it off, Kristi swaps their bodies and won't allow him to continue babysitting unless he agrees to continue their affair this way.Krysti has dark hair and a porn star body.

  2. Yeh Candy!!!!! She has seen the light! zoe