Monday, June 27, 2016

Have Another Drink

Kyle had a gift to party hard. Sometime too hard. On more than one occasion he drank until he passed out. Those nights are lost forever as he has no memory of what happened. The last time Kyle drank until unconsciousness, he woke up the next morning in a strange home wearing a dress. His purse (yes, he had a purse when he woke) had a driver’s license saying her name was Natasha.

It was too much to take in while suffering a hangover. Natasha left the strange home and went home where she discovered she had more than a clothes and name change; her gender was swapped, too. Natasha swore she would never put herself at risk like that again. The next time she drink too much she could end up raped or worse. But memory is short-lived. Natasha was back to drinking hard again in no time. And she was an easy mark for the guys. Sure, Natasha complained about it, but she kept putting herself in those risky positions. Almost as if she wanted it the way it was.

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