Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Peace Offering

How could the people of Earth do this to me, Kevin thought. They traded me to the Fremtorit Federation because they think it will bring peace. This is not the Dark Ages; this is the modern world.

Anger did not solve Kevin’s problem. Earth authorities sacrificed him to protect the planet from attack. Just like Earth’s Dark Ages, a beautiful woman was sent to the foreign power as a wife for the king, except now the beautiful woman is a man forced to be a woman. And also like the Dark Ages, Kevin wanted to go as bad as the King’s daughter wanted to be married to some brutish king in a foreign land and culture.

The sexy clothes are nice. But it would be nice if people stopped calling her Julia. My name is Kevin, Kevin thought. He leaned against the mantle in frustration. What could Julie do? There was no way out and certainly no transport willing to take her back to Earth.

There is one saving grace. Julia’s husband is a gentle man. The marriage was forced, but he is always gentle and kind. It will take time for Julia to understand how important her sacrifice has been to the people of Earth; the lives saved.

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