Friday, June 24, 2016


My name is Brandon and I don’t understand why people do the stuff they do. The latest craze is a good example. There is a special brand of hooch people are buying and dousing themselves with at parties. Rumor has it the hooch has nanobots or some crazy thing, whatever nanobots are. Some stories say the hooch is laced with TG dust or TG virus. What is all this stuff people come up with?

Now here I am at a party and people are drunk. The guilty hooch is out and people are daring guys to douse themselves for a gender surprise. Stupid! Just to get people to shut up I grab two of the bottles and start pouring. Everyone starts laughing and pointing. What is the matter with them?

Then I realize the crazy talk was real! My clothes, everything. . . is . . . is. . .  girl! And a hot girl at that. I must admit I adjusted quickly. All the attention from the guys was intoxicating. The gang decided to name me Natasha. Kind of a stupid name, but it will do. Guys like stupid girls. Best of all, I have several rides home tonight.

Note: Poor Natasha drank until she passed out and woke the next morning in a guy friend’s house. She could tell she was violated. A few months later she met the guy again at the bar and talked nice. She was interested in someone else now, but deep down enjoyed the experience.

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