Saturday, June 18, 2016

Runestone Returns

Conrad is more myth now than legend now. After a career saving the universe as a man it was time to get away. Conrad met a woman named Natasha in a tax office in a backwater state. Natasha was a skuzzy woman, walking out on her boyfriend, abandoning her son, drinking too much, smoking too much, covered in tattoos, and smoking weed, Natasha had few admirable qualities. But she did own a pair of mystery high heel boots and she sold them to Conrad.

Now the stories of Alexis Runestone have returned. A demure woman was out and about saving the down-trodden from harm. It is amazing how things turn out. A totally worthless woman sells a simple pair of mystery boots and the world is a safer place. A few even surmised Conrad disappeared around the same time Alexis Runestone arrived. Coincidence? I think not.

It is a hard job being a woman. The paparazzi managed a photo of Alexis dealing with the stress of life as a woman saving mankind from evil. Don’t fret for Alexis, however. She can handle anything; she is a woman. And who doesn’t want to be rescued by a beautiful, sexy woman.

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