Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Exchange Student

Traveling as a foreign exchange student to Melinda 9 was an opportunity of a lifetime for Bert. His hard work in school granted him the choice of any world he wanted to spend a year on to finish his schooling. Learning about a world so exotic, so remote mesmerized Bert.

Melinda 9 was a jumping stone for Burt, too. The world had only had sporadic contact with civilized planets throughout the galaxy. There was so much to learn and what Bert brought back to Earth would get him noticed and jump-start his political career.

Bert felt welcomed by the Melindian people. His apartment was lavish, decked out in shades of purple. He always had Melindian women with him to keep him company. One day he asked, “Why do I only see women on this planet?” “Because we are a feminine planet, as many in the galaxy are,” was the reply. “So where are the men?” “They are all converted except for the breeding stock. Once they fulfill their breeding duties they too are converted.”

Later Bert queried a woman walking with him, “Why didn't you require a female exchange student from Earth?” She smiled. “We wanted a male. Specifically asked for a male exchange student. We need to know if males of your species convert as easy as our males do.” “Why?” “You’ll see”

That night Bert was asked to attend a ritual. He was brought to the center of the room and placed in a chamber. Bert was nervous. Moments later the machine went to work and when it finished the door latch popped open and out stepped Clara, as you see here. The woman Bert walked with earlier said, “You are Clara now. We see human males convert as easy as ours. I think we need to send a flotilla to Earth to begin the conversion of your entire species.” Bert opened his mouth but nothing came out.

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