Friday, June 10, 2016

Intergalactic Joke

Jack pointed up in the sky and laughed. “Nice one guys. A spaceship; a UFO. Very original.” Jack thought it was the funniest joke ever. What he did not realize is his buddies behind him had already turned tail and ran. Jack was standing alone on the walkway pointing and laughing at the sky.

The light in the sky kept coming closer as Jack pointed. What Jack did not do was think. If he did, even for a fraction of a second, he would have known such a gag would be beyond anything his buddies could pull off. If he took a second moment to think he would have realized he was standing alone . But he didn’t.

The UFO did not hover over him as it is so often reported in the news. Instead, the spacecraft stayed high in the sky in front of him forcing Jack to look up at a 45 degree angle. Jack thought it was the most elaborate trick ever when the light flashed at him from the UFO. 

Jack kept smiling and giggling to himself as the UFO sped away. Slowly his buddies returned. They saw the whole think from a safe distance. It was then that Jack discovered it was no gag. The UFO was real and he was hit by a girly light.

The laughing stopped as Jack had to decide what to do. There was nothing he could do really except pick a name. The guys settled on Becky. It was a nice, down-home name. Now Jack and his friends had to figure out what to tell Jack’s wife when they got him home.

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