Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Babysitter, Part 2

Robert was keeping a secret from his wife and his wife had no idea, or so Robert thought. His wife took the whole ruse in stride. Robert took his wife out to more dinners than he did when they were dating. Robert convinced his wife he was rekindling their love. In reality Robert was kindling something with Kristi, the babysitter.

The wife played along as if it was all legit. When the date was over Robert took Kristi home and used a little extra time for some back seat nooky. Robert’s wife had finally had enough. She followed Robert to where they parked and surprised Robert and the tramp. She fired a swapping gun into the car. Robert now in Kristi’s body started to scream as Robert’s male body kept pounding away. Old habits die hard.

Robert and Kristi kept the relationship going under force from the wife. Kristi was lucky in Robert’s body; she got to nail everybody. But Robert in Kristi’s body discovered what it was like for a young girl to take a pounding from an old guy. Soon everyone adjusted to the new situation. The new Kristi is such a cutie.

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