Tuesday, February 14, 2017

What a Difference a Year Makes

The holidays were worst for Raymond after his wife died. The only saving grace was he could dress like a girl anytime he wanted. But it wasn’t enough.

Last year Raymond met a special girl on Valentine’s Day. After a few dates Glenda broke some bad news. “Ray, I am really a lesbian and I really love you.” Raymond bowed his head. Happiness was not to be his. Then she continued, “I really do love you.” She held out a box. Ray opened it. It was the first step of hormone treatments. “I want you to be my lesbian lover, Ray.”

Months later, at Christmas, Ray did not look so much like Ray anymore. There was only one part left to swap out. Instead of the regular surgery where they invert the whole darn thing, Glenda arranged for the doctors to grow a real, completely functional, snatch from Ray’s stem cells. The final surgery was done at Christmas. Without any male left, Ray changed her name to Zoe.

It took several weeks for the new girl parts to completely heal. Now Valentine’s Day is here again and Glenda has a massive new strap-on she wants to break in on her new lesbian lover. Zoe swallowed hard when she saw what Valentine’s Day held for her this year. What a difference a year makes.

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  1. Thanks Kay! I love the way you made me look! I'd jump to look like that any day and to be a lesbian sounds fine too! Zoe