Saturday, February 18, 2017

New Part of Town

The revitalization project changed the slums into the most hip part of town. Everyone wanted to live there. Randy was one of the lucky ones rich enough to afford the rent. And, of course, the required transformation; the new part of town is a girls-only district.

The best part for Randy, or should we say, Tamara, is wearing a mini dress and pantyhose. The cool air felt invigorating as it rubbed her legs and swirled under her dress. She headed out this afternoon to meet her boyfriend for a night of dancing and fun. The sensation on her legs might be more than a slight breeze.

Randy was an average guy, but Tamara is hot! Women rarely noticed Randy; it is why he made so much money; he didn’t have much else to do in life other than create a blog with a huge following. He sold the blog for millions. Tamara is another story. She has no time for serious stuff. She is the most popular girl in the new part of town. And cute has its rewards, like the best looking guy in town, the other part of town. The relationship is getting so steamy Tamara is thinking of moving out of the new part of town to be with her sweetheart. 

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