Saturday, February 25, 2017

Home Lingerie Party

Larry sat in a side room and spied on his wife’s home lingerie party. The women knew Larry was ogling them and decided to teach him a lesson. Larry’s wife, Nancy, hatched the whole plan. She knew if she had a lingerie party Larry would not be able to resist seeing all her friends dressed in lingerie and undressed.

As the party ended, Nancy snuck out and behind Larry. Larry was so startled he jumped from his hiding spot to the middle of the room of women. Nancy told Larry to get ready for the experience of his life. The women held Larry tight as they ripped his clothes off. They shaved his legs and applied ample make-up until he looked like the perfect woman. Then the lingerie went on. The ladies started calling him Mandy and taking pictures.

Then it was time for the coup de grace. Nancy opened a package of magic panties and forced a pair on Larry. The fast acting panties from TG Inc. immediately changed Larry. By the time the women had Larry in pantyhose and a skirt it was all over; Larry was really Mandy. To finish Larry off they forced him outside for all the neighbors to see. Even Nancy had to admit Mandy walked pretty good in heels for a first time. Of course, we all know Larry had plenty of practice walking in heels.

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  1. Nice job friend as always. Loved the story and the cap.