Sunday, February 26, 2017

A Full Life

The advanced medical procedures were working according to plan. Cancer destroyed most of Bart’s midsection. The doctors halted and then removed all diseased tissue. The problem was that too much was removed and all sex organs were beyond repair. Time was running out for an organ donor to save Bart’s life.

A tragic accident gave Bart his only chance at life. A college girl died while diving into a shallow pool of water. The doctors consulted with Bart to explain his options. The girl was the only chance he had if he was to live. Bart accepted he would have girl parts; it was better than being dead.

The doctors were able to repair all the damage to Bart’s body and implant the uterus and vaginal area. The healing progressed faster than expected. Bart had to undergo a transformation of the rest of his body. Hormones and more surgery did the trick.

A year later Bart was completely transformed into Misty. It is hard some days for Misty. She still forgets she is a girl now. It takes time to remember to sit when peeing, walking in heels and accepting the looks from men. One thing is certain, Misty feels lucky to be alive and is grateful for her chance to live a full life.

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