Friday, February 24, 2017

A Matching Girl Set

How stunned can a guy be? Pretty darn stunned if you observe the look on Randy’s face. It all started as a college gag. The boys decided to pay the sorority girls a visit and stir things up a bit by stealing all their panties. Then the girls would have to go to class in their cute dresses without panties. An opportunity guys can only fanaticize about.

Well, the sorority girls knew the boys were coming and switched out their panties with magic panties. Randy was the first to do what every boys dreams of doing after stealing panties from beautiful girls; he wore a pair. As you know, magic panties are a special product from our favorite company, TG Incorporated that turns the wearer into a girl. A hot girl with the sex drive of a rabbit.

It only took a few minutes for the panties to do their work. Look at Randy’s face, or should we say, Tara’s face. I think she is ready to serve the frat boys right out of the gate. Awesome! She does look cute in the bra/panty set. I love how Tara stands there with her mouth open slightly as if she is waiting for a prize to be shoved in. There is no doubt she will be the most popular girl in college.


  1. Hey Darlin', I've noticed a number of your caps have started take on a fairly political (anti-Trump) tone in the last 6 months or so. Trump was not my first or even second choice for President however he did win under the prevailing rules, like it or not. The liberal biased media is conspiring to undermine Trump and his Presidency even before he has a chance. While your caps are fiction they are subtly contributing to the undermining not only Trump's legitimacy but the entire democratic process of our elections. I truly don't see a positive upside to making your caps political and risk alienating a portion of your following. If you must be political, why not take a positive tone.

    From a long time fan, KG

  2. Well, My Darlin' Anon, don't read too much into it. You'd be surprised who I voted for. When reading stories here, understand they are fiction. Stephen King does not go around killing people or encouraging the act even though he writes stories where people are killed gruesomely. When writing a story I have to decide the angle, hopefully the most interesting one. Enjoy the story and realize the politics is for backdrop only. Thanks for reading.