Monday, February 27, 2017

Hot Cocoa on a Cold Morning

TG Incorporated decided to enter the grocery business. Brand recognition made the TG Inc. groceries an instant hit. The number of satisfied female customers from the transformations business also helped with brand loyalty.

The next morning the thermometer showed twelve below. Carl heated a cup of water in the microwave and stirred in a packet of TG Inc’s hot cocoa. The hot, rich cocoa went down smooth, warming Carl from the inside out. Carl closed his eyes, enjoying the spreading warmth. Suddenly things felt strange. He opened his eyes to find dainty fingers holding the mug of cocoa.

Carl, okay, she prefers to be called Carla these days, smiled as she checked the cocoa package. There it was, a warning label. (Okay, it was small print.) The hot cocoa mix was a special blend fused with TG dust and nanobots. Inside the box was a picture of what you would look like after drinking the cocoa. Carla compared the picture with the face in the mirror. A perfect match.

For some reason Carla enjoys cold winter days now.

1 comment:

  1. Good Morning Kay,
    I'm going in for a colonoscopy this afternoon in Houston and hoping you can send some of the special TG nanobots my way to do their magic while I am sedated. Wearing my light blue silky panties now hoping they might be magic but sadly they aren't...

    whatever happened to Mykala. Miss her.