Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tina is a Quiet Girl Now

Jethro was proud to be the biggest man in town. From puberty on he had the biggest, thickest lean strength of any man to be found anywhere. Women everywhere wanted him as a husband. But Jethro was smart. He used his position as an upright man to get the best woman to ever live. So Jethro examined each woman that threw herself at him, enjoying their innocence.

Then it happened. A woman like no other appeared as a suitor for his hand. Some say she was a witch, but Jethro knew what women were and what they wanted. Jethro made her wait her turn. When the witch finally had time alone with Jethro she gave Jethro a taste of his own medicine. In a single spell Jethro was turned into a woman, Tina.

Jethro was no longer an upright man, full, virile and strong. No, Tina was a demure sprite of a woman. Men now wanted her hand and bed. In the end men had Tina again and again. Some would say Jethro had his advantage snatched away. Snatched again and again.

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