Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Creating a Feminine World

TG Incorporated had a new mission: turn as many men into women as possible. It was no longer a simple business model where products were sold to the willing. TG Inc. wanted a more feminine population to buy their clothing line.

The process was simple. It started with 200 hot tubs with special nanobots. It took three weeks for a man to be completely transformed into a girl. It was exciting to watch the slow shift from boy to girl.

TG Inc. kept pouring money into the project. Soon they had 4,000 hot tubs working overtime smoothing crotches. Rumor has it TG Inc. is turning out nearly 5,000 girls a day now with plans to increase production to 100,000 a day!

No man is safe. If two pretty girls come knocking on your door with a free gift from TG Inc., think twice before accepting. In three weeks you will not be the same. 

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