Thursday, February 9, 2017

Price of Wearing Sister's Clothes

Art could not wait for the family to leave the house again. He took every chance he could to get the house to himself. It was in this quiet free time when he could wear Mandy’s panties and bras. The smooth fabric felt so good against his boy parts. He lost himself in the moment when he wore his sister’s panties. It felt so good.

Mandy is a smart girl. She was quick to notice the stains in her panties. There was only one explanation. Sick of Art secretly wearing her panties, she sprinkled TG dust over all her underwear.  Now Mandy worked to get the family out of the house so Art could wear her clothes for the last time. It worked.

Mandy had no idea what she really had done. When the family returned home Art was on her dresser in a matching bra and panty wearing her clogs and jewelry to boot. “Call me Jenny,” Art demanded. Now that Art was Mandy’s sister they got along great. Mandy loved sharing her clothes with her sister and shopping too. No bond is stronger than sisterly love.

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  1. Great job friend as always. Loved the cap. Lucky, wish i could find clothes like that. Maybe a pair of boots. And jeans?