Thursday, February 16, 2017

Pay Up

Congress passed a law requiring the IRS to collect more money. Too many people were cheating on their taxes and measures needed to be taken to collect money owed the government. The government also needed more money to fund public services.

Enter Orson, a mild-mannered businessman that fell behind on his taxes. Before he knew it the amount owed the government grew to an enormous amount. There was no way Orson could even begin to pay down the balance. The IRS gave Orson an ultimatum, either: pay the tax due, go to jail, or accept a public service job. As you can see Orson accepted a job as a public servant.

Now Orson enjoys his days fighting crime as Alexis. He sold his business to pay down some of this tax debt and a portion of his paycheck goes towards taxes too. Orson didn’t mind the requirement the IRS placed on him. He always enjoyed the feminine touch. When the debt is fully paid he can get his old body back or keep the one he has. You already know which body Orson plans to keep, don’t you? And the government killed two birds with one stone.

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