Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Girl Inside

Life has been hectic lately so I pulled some captions from the archive. The late Alexis helped me with several captions when I couldn't get them done myself. I hope it isn't a distraction. Many of the captions Alexis made for me were never published. Some she published herself after giving me a chance to use them. You might notice several of these captions reference things in my caption universe like nanobots and TG Incorporated. Alexis loved those parts of my created world here.

Alexis had a different flavor to her writing. I am still interspersing my own new work when time permits. Thank you for understanding and enjoy some great caption art from a great woman no longer with us: Alexis. Let these blasts from the past be in her honor. Soon I'll be writing lots of new stuff every day again.

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