Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Walk Like a Woman

“Keep walking, Katrina,” Erin teased. “You’re not my husband anymore; you are a good woman now.”

Katrina was getting tired from all the walking. Erin was a slave driver after the TG Inc. visit made a few changes to Ted. Katrina discovered how hard it was to be a woman. The walking was the worst. Walking in heels was a killer on the feet and calves. The only redeeming grace of the whole ordeal was the pantyhose; it made Katrina feel sexy and alive.

Erin did not let up. She pushed Katrina to walk ‘like a woman’. Katrina must have walked five miles in heels today and Erin still demanded more. Erin said they would continue until she walked like a woman. I am walking like a woman, damn it, Katrina thought.

Then, when she was most exhausted, it started to happen naturally. Katrina was a woman walking like a woman. It felt so natural, so good. Katrina decided it was a good idea to visit TG Inc. after all.

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