Tuesday, March 22, 2016

It Feels So Good

Enjoying a silky chemise is something Noah never thought he would do until his sister convinced him he would love being a girl. As Alexandra it felt so good to have the silk chemise on. There was one chance for Alexandra to go back to being Noah, but the smooth, silky skin was too much for the young lady to sacrifice for a rough, calloused body.

Some sisters are okay, but some sisters are awesome. Alexandra’s sister was of the awesome sort. Now she had some serious choices to make. Alexandra was asked out on a date and her sister was so excited, but kissing a boy was something Alexandra was not ready to do. Her sister assured her it would be an innocent double date with a meal and a movie.

Later that night as Alexandra and her first boyfriend sat in the backseat they started getting closer. Let’s just say she did a bit more than kiss before the night was over.

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