Monday, March 21, 2016

March Madness

The girls of the team were not excited to see Mandy after she lost the game in the March Madness finals. Leo bet the opposing team the losers would be converted into girls and they accepted. Leo and his team were heavy favorites, but when nuts are on the line the pace of the game picked up and that is where Leo and company, ahem, dropped the ball. Leo missed the winning shot and it was an easy shot at that.

After the humiliating loss Leo turned into Mandy and the rest of the guys accepted their fates as next year’s all-star girl’s teams. It sill did not make the rest of the team like Mandy any better. The new girls reviewed the tape to see what went wrong when it became all too obvious; Leo missed the shot intentionally. Leo wanted to be a girl! That was why he made the bet and why he lost the game.

The girls were furious! Mandy managed to settle the girls down and accept the gift they got. As girls they were more popular now than ever. Next year they were a lock on winning the championship. The girls still threw an attitude when Mandy was around. Girls hold grudges and can be mean. 

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