Sunday, March 13, 2016

Second Chance On a New Life

An unfortunate accident and an unfortunate disease brought two beautiful people together in the hospital offering each a half a chance at life. Sean came to the hospital from a horrific automobile accident. It was nobody’s fault; the dense fog led to twisted metal and Sean’s body crushed beyond repair. The only bright spot was Sean’s head, and more importantly, his brain, were undamaged.

Brain cancer had finished destroying everything Marie ever was. Her body was in perfect working order without a brain to give it life. On life support it was only a matter of time until the end would be made official.

Through sheer luck Sean was in the room next to Marie in the intensive care unit. Doctors knew time was running out and performed emergency surgery removing Sean’s brain and placing it in Marie’s body. It was the first successful brain transplant in history.

Marie made a full recovery with Sean’s brain. She is still getting used to the body and her boyfriend is learning Marie’s body has a different captain. Sean accepted he is a woman, Marie, and will be forever. Her boyfriend is a good man and she dedicated herself to being the best girlfriend, and someday wife, she could be.

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