Saturday, March 5, 2016

Superhero Down

Kent joined a secret club in college dedicated to uncovering aliens living on Earth. A discovery led the group to an underground government bunker where it was assumed captured superheroes from other worlds were held. Kent went undercover to infiltrate the facility.

Nothing was left to chance. Kent took a female body and dressed as Wonder Woman as he infiltrated the facility. The new body required Kent to return to TG Incorporated within a week or his male body would die and he would be stuck as a woman forever.

Kent was able to bypass security as he worked deeper into the compound. He entered a large room filled with aliens held in stasis. The rumors were true! All the superhero movies were actually based on real aliens with superpowers.

Kent used his camera to take pictures when an alarm startled him. Within seconds over twenty armed guards surrounded him. They did not wait to see what Wonder Woman would do; they just stunned him. Kent was taken to a holding cell. It didn’t matter. Once he was held for a week he would really be Wonder Woman for the rest of his life, except without the superpowers.

Wonder Woman was resigned to her fate when she was informed there are no aliens. The secret government facility is home to an experiment where people are given superpowers. Looks like Kent will actually be the real Wonder Woman when the scientists are done with him.

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