Saturday, March 12, 2016

Step Into Womanhood

TG Incorporated never stops finding ways to surprise people. Take Barton, for example. He wanted to make a name for himself as a reporter so he decided to interview a transformation specialist at the recently opened TG Inc. office. The appointment was set. He was told to go to the bottom of the stairs at the TG Inc. building and turn left.

It was so exciting for Barton to know he was on the verge of making a career. A reporter’s job is hard as hell these days, but for the aggressive journalist it was still possible to make your mark on the world.

It felt cooler as Barton descended the stairs. Even his shoes sounded different on the concrete. His focus was so sharp he did not notice all the changes taking place until he reached the bottom of the stairs. Then he realized everything had changed. He should have expected as much.

The transformation specialist greeted Barton with a million dollar smile and a handshake. “It is so nice to meet you, Lisa. Oh, I forgot, you are Lisa from now on. TG Inc. has a policy of only allowing interviews with female reports. Hope you don’t mind?”

Lisa didn’t.

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