Sunday, March 6, 2016

Mindy Can't Get Out of the Body Suit

Rummaging through the attic of his grandpa’s home after he passed away, Warren found an antique body suit. It seemed in pristine condition as he took it out of the storage crate. After checking to make sure the house was empty he took off his clothes and stepped into the body suit. As he zipped the suit closed it snapped tight against his skin and sealed.

Warren was pleased with the body. He found a panty and bra in the trunk. It felt good looking like a woman. After a few hours more looking through the attic it was time to take off the suit and go home. His stomach sank when he could not find the release seam. A search of the attic ended without any manual for the body suit.

Embarrassed, Warren had no choice but to seek help. He called his brother Frank. Frank rushed over. He pointed out the model number on the box and used his phone to check if any information was available. Frank found what he needed. He read to Warren as he scrolled, “It seems you have one of the first permanent body suit models to ever hit the market. Your granddad must have bought the thing and never used it. Okay, here it says you are Mindy now.”

Mindy interrupted Frank demanding to know how to get the body suit off. Frank closed the phone and said, “I have a sister now, Mindy. Warren is not coming back.” Then he took a picture for the family scrapbook. 

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