Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Girl in Charge

Bart never expected Becky to break up with him. Tears stung his eyes as Becky broke the news she was seeing another man. Depression set in as he struggled to get his life back in order after the seven year relationship died. By chance Bart met a woman who would change his life. She worked as a lab technician at TG Inc. and offered Bart a chance to have the life he always wanted.

Bart wanted to be in control the way Becky had control of his life until the very end and then destroyed him. It was all about control. The choice was easy. Bart visited TG Inc. and allowed the pretty technician to give him the body, life and control he always wanted.

The process was fast and painless. Bart walked out as Tonya and played the part all the way. Instantly she knew she was in control of every man on the street as they stared at her new body. Before long Tonya would learn to use her new skills to manipulate men to her advantage. Life was looking better than ever for Tonya. 

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