Monday, November 24, 2014

You Can Always Go Back

Life is rarely fair. Rory knew this all too well as he watched his wife, Emily, die slowly of cancer. When the final day came he completely broke down. Family helped his with the funeral arrangements. Everything Rory valued in life was buried that day.

When a man is thrown so low he thinks of things he should never think. When the pain was more than he could take, Rory planed his suicide.  Before he could carry out the act, he finds a postcard of his honeymoon with Emily.  After long tears, Rory calls and books a night at the secluded retreat where he spent a week with his wife. He is pleased he can reserve the same room from so many years ago.

He was eager to visit the old memory when he arrived at the inn. The innkeeper showed Rory to his room. She inquired about Emily and their marriage. Rory told the innkeeper what happened, fighting tears the entire time. “There, there,” the kindly old woman said. “Everything will be all right.”

Rory settled into the room, unpacked his clothes, and lay on the bed. He took out lingerie he loved seeing his wife wear. He cuddled the purple lace and breathed deep the lingering smell of his departed love. He fell asleep.

When he awoke he felt different. He was wearing his wife’s lingerie. He looked down and saw breasts. He ran to the mirror and looked himself up and down. He looked exactly like Emily! Rory was so happy. He was with Emily again. The innkeeper gave Rory a hug as he left the next day. “Now, young lady, live the life Emily deserved.” “I will,” he said, enjoying the feel of lace against his smooth skin.

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