Saturday, November 29, 2014

Time to Grow Up

Not every descendant of the Roanoke colony is aware of their ancestry. Regardless, all males born to a descendant of the colony suffers the curse of the shaman from all those years ago. When males reach puberty they become females for the rest of their life. This is the price the colonists paid for their lives during those first brutal winters.

Stephen’s family kept the family secret… well, secret. But each day Stephen grew older and approached puberty. He was big into outdoor sports and looked forward to getting older so he could hunt and do more stuff with his dad. But dad married a Roanoke descendant and knew what would happen if he had a son.  Dad made the best of the time he had before he had a daughter.

The day finally arrived when dad heard a scream from Stephen’s bedroom. The transformation is always fast and painless. You go to sleep a boy and awake a girl. Dad knew what the scream meant. He made eye contact with his wife. “I better talk to her,” mom said as she stood from the kitchen table. She would explain to Stephen that he is Joyce now. And Stephen will know more about American history than anyone else.

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