Thursday, November 20, 2014

Guess Who I Am

It started with a neighborhood masquerade. Xavier loved the idea of neighbors getting to know each other. Dressing up is always fun and a great way to bring the neighborhood together. It also appealed to Xavier’s idea that fun shouldn't cost much. Cheap fun is what Xavier enjoyed most.

Xavier also has a kinky side so he dressed as Catwoman. He bought the suit as Late Xperiement. He went all-out and made sure he looked completely female. The neighbors will never guess who he is, but will never forget him once he introduces himself.

Plans always face problems. As the gathering started a large distortion in the atmosphere descended on their little street party. Everyone looked up and pointed at the growing, rippling air. The vortex passed through the crowd and into the ground.

After everyone gathered their senses they started to notice changes. A scream came from the other side of the crowd. That is when Xavier noticed the vortex changed everyone into the person their costume indicated except everyone switched gender.

Xavier looked down and examined himself. He too was changed. After a few stunned moments, he started grinning until his smile reached ear to ear. This is the greatest party ever! Xavier couldn't wait to introduce himself as Yvette to his neighbors. It would be so fun to learn about his neighbors now. No one will guess who he is until he tells them.

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