Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I will add requests to the mix of TB captions here. You can tell me the type of caption you want on an image or I can caption an image to my warped mind.

If all goes well I will add a contest at a later date.

Krazy Kay


  1. Can you do a consensual older brother to younger sister cap? Perhaps related to a school dance? -DAGS

  2. I have two bodyswap ideas,could you make them captions? is groom-to-be accidently swapping body with the stripper he hired in his bachelor party:
    Would you please write a story about the groom to be accidentally swap body with the stripper in his bachelor party,then have to deal with the stripper life style while the stripper in his body enjoys the lovely life with his bride!
    2.The other is detective/policeman swap body with the Mob's woman to be deeply undercover:
    Could you please create some story that a policeman was sent to swap body with the mistress of mob boss to deep cover but the mistress turn over the table and take over policeman’s life. For example,the mistress hold the criminal evidence of the man who sent the policeman and agree to give out all the mob boss criminal evidence if she can get policeman’s life, so the deal done.This is because the mistress is tried of mob boss and her own life ,and she want to start over.So now the mistress is enjoying the policema's life in his home,with his wife and children!The policeman have to live the mistress's life and try to get his life back and get revenge,using the only new power he got in the deal——the sex power as the mistress to a powerful mob boss!

  3. I'll work on both your requests. I write captions in advance so you will see them in early December. I'll give the actual date once I get them in the queue.

  4. If you are still doing requests. I was wondering if you can use this premise?
    Can u use this premise.

    Paul runestone soldier of the Runestone federation aboard the spaceship
    The Runestone Edge, under the command of Admiral Alexis Runestone. Secretly his guardian/older sister, dont know it are on patrol near the star system Terra, seeing nothing alexis returns to her room taking off her battlesuit. Under the cover of night, the ship come come under attack by the runestone pirates. The pirate captain Amelia stone Kills Alexis.
    And paul runestone sees this and goes into her room, seeing the battlesuit leave her body, he is shocked that the suit attacks him and turns him into Alexis Runestone. Physically Mentally, because only the ship is set to her so

    so only she can pilot it. Now reborn , she fights off the pirates, and with victory assured, Alexis guides the ship home. Never forgetting what the Gunner, Paul runestone sacrificed, for her and finding out they were related,and was his guardian/ sister