Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving Dinner Surprise

Preparations for Thanksgiving Day started in springtime with planting of the garden and ending in gathering the fruits of the tended gardens and the forest. Generations had passes since the first settlers arrived at Roanoke. Thanksgiving Day was always a time filled with friends and family. The feast was immense.

Some would call it a curse, but to the descendants of the Pilgrims, it was a blessing. The shaman allowed the colonists the right to live with the Croatan tribe as long as they did so as females. Male boys were transformed as they reached puberty into fine young ladies. Lee remembers his boyhood and the day he was taken to the shaman. He remembers the tingling all over his body as he turned into a girl.

That was five years ago. Once the transformation was complete, Lee was asked if he had a name he would like. He said Elizabeth. The shaman smiled and said he’s be known as Elizabeth from that day forward. Those were fond memories for Elizabeth. She remembers wanting to be old enough to be a girl. Now she is excited again as she can’t wait to tell everyone of her engagement to a brave warrior: Stands Tall. She will spread the good news at thanksgiving dinner. They make such a cute couple. 

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