Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Mighty Quinn

Every boy and girl dreams of being a star. For some, the dream never ends. But the odds get longer the older you get. For Irvin, the dream grew stronger with time. He wanted to be a model or a movie star. He wanted people to see him, admire him.

Irvin’s family tried to give him a reality check. Irvin had none of it. He visited the modeling agency and said he’d do anything to be famous. The modeling agency had just the program for Irvin. After six weeks of hormone and nanobot treatment, Irvin was ready for an intense course on how to act as a girl.

The modeling agency changed his name to Quinn and began teaching him all the fine points of being feminine. Irvin loved every minute of every day. He had to admit he had butterflies as he was preparing for his first modeling photo shoot. But once he started things became natural. Irvin was in the world he always dreamed of, the world he knew he would live in some day.

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