Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Thankful Little Croatan Girl

Little Becky Mahler was so excited about the very first thanksgiving dinner in the Americas. The Croatan Indians were the friendliest people the colonists ever met. When the Croatan shaman cast a spell turning all the men into women and boys into girls there were concerns. But it was easier to integrate the colonists with the tribe if they were all female.

Becky came to the Roanoke colony as Scant Mahler. He adjusted to his new body faster than the older boys and men who still wanted to hunt and lift heavy stuff. Scant enjoyed watching the women and girls work. He secretly wanted to join them. Now he does.

When John White arrived looking for the colonists he considered the transformation an abomination to God. White soon understood it was the will of God that the colonists were all female. It made working with the Indians easier. Men are too competitive, leading to confrontation and other problems. And Becky? She loves playing with the girls when chores are done.

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