Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Croatoan Mystery Solved

The history books tell the traditional first thanksgiving myth in the Americas. The reality is much different. In 1587 English settlers landed on Roanoke Island. Life should have been good for the settlers as they made friends with a local Indian tribe, the Croatans. Trade started between the locals and the settlers.

Life was hard in those days as the colonists broke new ground. Death from natural causes or accidents would happen, but the survival of the colony was high. Yet the colony disappeared with only a mysterious message on a post of the fort: Croatoan. History records them as the “Lost Colony”.

John White went searching for his daughter, a member of the Lost Colony. The history books say White took the message as meaning the colonists went to live with the Croatans, but weather prevented him from confirming his theory. But John White did follow-up on his investigation and the weather was just fine.

White traveled with his team to visit the Croatoan Island, now called Hatteras. What he found was first suppressed and then destroyed by the government. What he found was against the laws of nature and God. How could it be possible that only women survived and the number of English women in the Indian village was greater than the number of women in the colony?

In the recently discovered diary of John White, White describes questioning the colonial women in the Indian village. A woman named Virginia explained that all the men and boys were changed into females by the Croatan shaman. White asked Virginia if she was one of the men changed into a woman. She only smiled. White found the woman’s diary with the name Benjamin Dare scratched out and written over with Virginia Dare. White noted the English women  were all in good spirits giving thanks to God every day for the life they’ve been granted .

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