Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Myth of Bakal Splee

The thanksgiving festival of Garkin was over and Don retired to his studio to do what he did every year after the festival meal. He removed the Bakal Splee from its case. The feminine musical instrument echoed a soft mournful tone as he pulled the bow across the coiled spring.

They say if you play the Bakal Splee perfectly you become a beautiful woman fitting of the music you play. It was only a myth, but Don could dream. The family gathered around the walls of the room as he started playing. The music sent waves of vibrations through the air. You felt the music as much as heard it.

Don adjusted the Bakal Splee as he started the next movement. The family stood stone still. Don’s talents improved with each passing year. There was no doubt he was nearing perfection and the myth was on everyone’s mind. Don dug deeper into his soul to bring the full sound into the mind, the heart, the spirit of the entire room.

The family noticed before Don did. The changes were subtle at first, then undeniable. With each pull and thrust of the bow a magical sound spread around the room. Then he noticed his hands had changed. He knew the myth and accepted the gift. S/he played deeper from the heart until the soft, beautiful woman in the room echoed the sound Don once made.

Her music would be perfect for all time. Don was a simple man of simple pleasure. His music reflected his simplicity. She took a simple name change: Donna. Why not? It was about the music. The music, the sound is everything. Changlings are so rare they are considered myth, but when one is created they are sought all over the galaxy. Donna played daily for audiences on planets near and far and punctuated the performances with practice sessions on cruise ships to large crowds. She created heavenly sounds for thirty-eight more years before her death on Moordo III at the age of 62. The geniuses always die too young.

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