Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Sweet Ride

What a sweet ride. Alvin searched the internet for a long time to find the car of his dreams. When he saw the red custom job he knew he had to have it. The owner, a pretty redhead with thin features, promised Alvin the car was full of surprises. She also promised this car would stay in Alvin’s mind for the rest of his life. Alvin agreed. He saved enough money to buy the car cash. It was amazing such an awesome car lasted long enough for Alvin to get his hands on it.

After the title was signed over, Alvin took the custom car out for a ride. The car was so well maintained it still had ‘new car smell’. The country would be the perfect place to spend a few hours with his new baby. His body molded into the seat as he drove. It almost felt like he was attached to the car and it anticipated his moves. Soon Alvin began to feel different. His concentration was so focused on the road he didn’t notice he suddenly had long hair. He stopped the car and opened the door for fresh air. He looked down. He had different clothes and a woman’s body!

At first Alvin thought the car was a swapping chamber, but he didn’t think he swapped with anyone. Then he realized the car was a switching chamber. He knew this as soon as he looked at his cell phone. The car also changed his identity to Bethany and reprogrammed his cell phone accordingly. Bethany put a hand to her head while she texted a friend with the other hand; she had to tell someone what happened. The woman that sold her the car was right. He would never forget this car.

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  1. Worth saving up for that car. Bethany got a new sports car and a fantastic new body! What a deal! Zoe