Thursday, August 10, 2017

Pick Your Poison

Glen wanted to get even with the government for ruining his life. He was in trouble with the law from an early age and the problems kept coming. He had finally had enough. The world will not forget Glen’s name when he is done. He will fight back and make the world pay the price for hurting Glen all these years.

Crazy people have crazy ideas. Glen’s idea to punish the world is with a lone wolf terrorist attack. He read an article about ricin, a deadly poison made from castor beans. The best thing, according to Glen, is that ricin is made from castor beans, the same beans used in rosaries.  A little digging and Glen discovered how to process ricin from castor beans.

But Glen is the unluckiest man on Earth. The government was watching Glen’s internet searches and sniffed out his plan even before he thought it. Glen’s large order of rosary beads was intercepted and replaced with a different product by a secret government agency. Glen was so excited as he began processing the beans for his sinister plan.

He had to be careful as he produced ricin or it could kill him. The fancy setup in his basement was the perfect way to manufacture a nice quantity of ricin for release at the local mall during the holiday season. He knew exactly where the air intake vent was to carry out his master plan.

But poor Glen was thwarted. The castor beans were replaced with a replica infused with nanobots. Yes, those wonderful atom-sized creations that entered your body and changed every cell into a female cell. When nanobots got a hold of you there was nothing left of your manhood. Glen was Glenda before he had a chance to know what was happening. The government swat team swarmed his home and took all his stuff away so no one else would lose their junk. Glenda is not as sad as she might be. The women’s prison is not as bad as the guy’s prison.

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  1. Oh well she looks better as a girl anyway, great cap