Friday, August 4, 2017

History Lesson

As the human race expanded throughout the galaxy technological advancement continue to grow at ever increasing rates. After Earth joined the Community of Worlds, new technology led to the creation of TG Incorporated. Once that novelty wore off new technologies caught the imagination of the public. Today, the rage is time travel. Since it is impossible to travel back in time as yourself—the laws of physics will not let you travel back in time to warn yourself of a future event—you time travel by stepping into someone else’s body; you live as them.

Leonard was one of the first to try time travel. As a history buff, Leonard wanted to travel back into Marie Antoinette’s body. The time jump into Marie’s body was disorienting. He has only a modest amount of control over his host’s body; Marie kept most of the control over her actions. Leonard needed the modest control. It was important to keep some control to trigger the return device by twitching her wrist. Without it the traveler would remain stuck in time. In Leonard’s case he could lose his head if he didn’t have enough control to trigger the device.

Leonard wanted to live as Marie Antoinette in her last months of life in 1792. The adventure started perfectly for Leonard. He felt every emotion and every inch of her female body. But soon Leonard knew something was going wrong. Ms. Antoinette started to realize something was in her. She thought it was the devil. She feared discovery which meant certain death by the church. She learned how to stop Leonard from any action. Leonard was trapped, unable to trigger the return device.

It was now early August and Leonard knew Marie would lose her head in a matter of days. He fought with all his strength to regain control. Marie got better at restraining Leonard. Leonard put every ounce of energy he had left to trigger the device as Marie walked to the guillotine. As her neck was in the guillotine and the blade was ready to fall, Leonard was able in that split second of confusion able to flick her wrist enough to trigger the return device. As his body was ripped out of Marie and pulled back to his own time he could hear the grating of the blade starting to fall.

Leonard gasped and grabbed for his neck as he reentered his own body. All he could keep thinking was how cool it was to live in a woman’s body. Isn’t history fun?

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