Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Midlife Crisis

The midlife crisis hit Alfred fast and hard. He had to have a red sports car before the last of his youth slipped away from him. There was only one problem, Alfred is broke.  Too bad midlife crises are expensive.

Women have is so much easier in Alfred’s mind. If only he could reverse roles then he could get a man to fund his crisis needs. As luck would have it a beautiful woman promised him what he desired when he complained of his problem. The woman, later discovered by Alfred to be a good witch, gave him one wish. Of course, Alfred wanted to be a woman.

Joan was born that day. Alfred knew what to do with his new body. He found a wealthy man looking for a trophy wife. Joan was the perfect answer to such men. Before long Joan is married with a husband wrapped around her little finger.

Joan has the hot little sports car Alfred desired. It was only a small sacrifice to achieve such a worthy goal. Alfred never had a chance to thank the witch. After decades of marriage Joan’s husband confessed a witch made her a man after she was abused by her former husband. Joan now understood how her husband was so gentle and kind. Looks like the witch granted all good people their greatest wish.

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